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8oz Silent Night Candle

8oz Silent Night Candle

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Introducing our limited edition Christmas candle, Silent Night. It’s a  sensory journey inspired by the gifts of the three wise men. The nativity scene is delicately etched in glass. Watch the scene glow as the candle dances with light.

Let your space fill with the enchanting notes of smoky incense, saffron, cedar wood, and tobacco—a harmonious blend inspired by the gifts of the three wise men. This isn't just a candle; it's an invitation to experience the peaceful elegance of the nativity.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the season with a smoky blend reminiscent of frankincense and myrrh. Saffron, cedar wood, and tobacco come together in a harmonious fragrance, creating an aromatic experience that captures the spirit of the holidays.

Each candle is thoughtfully made using the finest natural vegan wax, infused with custom fragrances, and poured into elegantly engraved glass. The crackling wood wick adds a touch of relaxation. Take yourself or someone you love on a scent journey through the moments that connect us.

Also available in 13-ounce size.

Scent Notes: 

  • Top: Saffron, Cedar, Vetiver
  • Heart: Pepper, Cedar, Amber
  • Base: Tobacco, Myrrh, Rum

Additional Information:

  • Wax: Vegan Coconut Apricot
  • Net Wt: 8 Ounces 
  • Vessel: Matte Black Etched Glass
  • Size: H: 3.5" W: 3."
  • Burn Time: Up to 50 Hours
  • Wick: Crackling Wood
  • Our fragrance oils are phthalate-Free


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