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13oz Friday Night Candle

13oz Friday Night Candle

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Savor the rich fragrance of our Friday Night Candle, a blend of chocolate, bourbon, and fig for a cozy evening at home. Handcrafted with premium non-toxic ingredients, this luxurious candle promises a captivating scent journey. Elevate your Friday nights with the warmth and sophistication of our curated fragrances. Shop now to infuse your space with notes of rest and indulgence.

Each candle is thoughtfully made using the finest natural vegan wax, infused with custom fragrances, and poured into an elegantly engraved glass. The crackling wood wick adds a touch of relaxation to the ambiance. Take yourself or someone you love on a scent journey through the moments that connect us.

Also available in 8-ounce size. 

Scent Notes: 

  • Top: Chocolate, Oakmoss
  • Heart: Bourbon, Peppercorn
  • Base: Fig, Amber

Additional Information:

  • Wax: Vegan Coconut Apricot
  • Net Wt: 13 ounces 
  • Vessel: Clay Brown Etched Glass
  • Size: H: 4.25" W: 3.75
  • Burn Time: Up to 80 Hours
  • Wick: Crackling Wood
  • Our fragrance oils are phthalate-free 
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