About Us

Our candles are thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey through scent, with candles inspired by the nostalgic experiences that bring us joy. Experiences like being nurtured by the people we love, the joy of your best childhood summer, and the rituals and traditions that connect us. Take a scent journey with us to celebrate the cornerstones of connection and culture.

The concept behind Black Culture Candles was born during a period when Black Joy was hard to find. Witnessing the solidarity from diverse cultures left a lasting impact on me. I wanted to capture the feeling of unity in that moment.

A conversation with my daughter about how scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined and my years as a hobby candle maker inspired me to create a line of fine handcrafted candles that honors Black Joy and the memories and experiences that connect us.

At Black Culture Candles, our mission is to tap into our collective memories and shine a light on the experiences that connect us with candles crafted with vegan non-toxic wax and custom fragrances to ensure an exquisite fragrance and long-lasting burn. We believe that candles should not only smell amazing but also create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Each glass candle is individually engraved and set with wood wicks for maximum ambiance.